World Happiness Day

What is happiness to you??

Favourite food? Being with best friends/family? Watching your favourite film? Or being in your comfy Pjs?

The definition is:

"A State of being Happy".

Being happy is a great feeling! It can feel like one of the best feelings. Nothing can topple your mood. Your in the clouds. Being happy can be infectious to other people. Laughter is great for being happy. Who can not love a good joke no matter how cheesy! Here is one:

"Why did the bicycle fall over??

Because it was two tired!"

Smiled didn't you? How can you not. You smile because it is corny rather than the joke but it gave you a brief smile which suddenly makes you feel a little better.

How about another....

"What do you call an alligator in a vest??

An In-vest-igator!!"

Surely that was worth a slight chuckle?!

Photographing happiness is always very pleasing. Nobody wants to see sadness but sadness does exist. Sadness in an image can be powerful and connects the viewers with the person or scene in the image. You can almost feel how the photographer feels whilst taking the image too. Happy photos are a brilliant to bring out in times of sadness. Maybe you are just feeling down or there has been a death of someone close or that you knew. These photos bring back memories and smiles remembering the good times being shared. You cannot recreate those moments. This gives me great pleasure and work satisfaction when I can capture a moment of pure happiness you know they will cherish be able to look back upon those images and have a smile appear on their faces.

My happiness is...

Family Laughter

This is my wife and daughter just after we got married Oct 2018. Faces of pure happiness. A photo that jogs a memory in my head where I can hear their laughter clear.

What makes you happy...?

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