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Photo-shopped creativity

So last year I decided to give my hand at creative some composite pieces using photoshop. I had used a very old version (new at the time) many years ago when I was younger but this was pretty much completely new to me.

I watched a few tutorials on YouTube with lots of stopping and starting to catch up doing images in real-time. I knew there was a bit of work involved but wow, so many layers!! I started off with something a little simple. A floating earth....

Bubble World

After this one I wanted to try doing something a little harder blending 3 images together. This one required a fair bit more time than the bubble earth but was totally worth it. Not perfect but for a first attempt, I thought it was pretty good.

Clog Tunnel

For this image, I used an engine clog photo I had taken from the Mcleans Island Swap Meet. Snow capped mountains at sunrise + train track from West Melton looking towards the West coast. The train itself was an image I found online. This was created using several layers.

Another image I created which was easier this time but more imaginative.

Bottle Fish

For this image, I used a glass milk bottle in my hand which I photographed. The fish and water with seabed was found online which suited the scenery I wanted to create. Again, not perfect but you have to start somewhere.

The last image I had a go at was another of an imaginative kind. Was another 3 image blend. Still a work in progress this one....

Water Tap

This composite image involved my top rated photo of last year along with a kitchen sink and waterfall mist when the tap water meets the water. The water mist and water don't quite blend fully but a practice.

Composite images never interested me as they aren't a real image as such but I have seen some amazing work of late.

Someone who was inspired me to do more and get into it was a guy on Instagram called Shaun Ryken (https://www.instagram.com/shaunryken) - Check out his work. Some amazing images created especially his Stan Lee image...