North of the South Trip

Recently, as a family we decided to take a trip up North to see family and to have a break from Christchurch. Sometimes time off isn't the same as time away from where you live. You just need to escape all you see around.

We spent a few days in Motueka and then a few in Gowan Valley. Luckily, we could tie in our visit up North with two family portraits - both of which turned out great! We also managed to visit some friends who are expecting so it was great to keep touch.

This also gave me sometime to venture about with my camera and visit a few places I had not yet. Split Apple Rock being one of them.

Something else I had been wanting to capture since the turn of winter was the Milky Way. The Janie Seddon was the perfect location for this which I managed - see the gallery for all images below. I had also planned out getting to Lake Rotoroa in the Nelson Lakes for an astro shot of the milky way just over the mountain range but clouds and rain hampered that mission - maybe next time! I did get to visit Lake Rotoiti one day. Though it was raining it was clear enough to see. Kind of scary when getting to the top of Mount Robert, you realise you are stood ontop of the Alpine Fault!!

I can never leave my camera behind when heading here. I love the whole trip even the driving there and back. The Lewis Pass is such a beauty. Yes it is a road but the contrast of light shining through the trees that arch over the road or even the light shining over the mountain ranges as you travel between them. Around ever corner there is something to stop and look at. Not so great a travel when doing it with a toddler who gets car sick though! The whole trip is full of nature and landscapes which I adore. Motueka is a town not to be missed when heading North. There is so much to see and do in the surrounding area. Just 30 mins from Nelson, minutes from beaches, treks or waterfalls. Motueka has it all and for a photographer, it is a pot of gold that is over flowing!

What is your favourite place in the Tasman region?

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