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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

After years of saying I wouldn't touch a wedding with a barge pole, I put down that barge pole and gave it a go.

My initial reaction was to play down my skills at photographing a wedding, as when I was asked I had never done one before. How I would photograph them? What shots do I get? So many thoughts running through my head. I sat down and had a chat with my wife on whether I should accept it given I had no wedding experience. After our discussion, I sat through some YouTube videos regarding shooting weddings and what to expect. One particular video changed my whole perspective within minutes. It was from a chap who also had not done weddings before. Did one wedding. Loved it! His words made me realise to not put weddings at the end of this barge pole, but embrace them. They offer multiple genres of photography all in one day! You could go from street photography, to portraits, add a little food photography into the mix, get up close and personal with some macro, product photography or even some landscape. It mixes the day up trying different things and works on each genre too.

Another thing he said was "Just think of it as a day where you get to use your camera...ALL DAY". Now, this resounded in my head as I had been itching to spend more time behind the lens. After 24 hours of thinking, I decided as it was a low key wedding (ceremony at the local registrar, after wedding photos at the beautiful Mona Vale Gardens and then a small gathering at their house) that this is an opportunity too good to turn down.

Once I got going at the registrar I was at ease remembering the special shots to get ie rings on fingers and first kiss ect. The day flew by! I have to admit, I enjoyed the day immensely. Discovering new perspectives within photography I previously did not know existed or skills I did not know I had within me. Since doing this wedding back at the end of September, I have had an eagerness to do and learn more in this area. I certainly won't rule it out in the future but it is something I have to work on going forward. Keep your eyes peeled. Maybe in a few years I will be offering wedding packages!

Overall, I was happy with the images I had taken for the lovely couple considering it was my first time doing wedding photography, first time of seeing the registrar on the day and first time at Mona Vale Gardens (finding out that day we were going there). Below is some of my favourite images of the day. I hope you enjoy.

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