Looooooooong Exposure

Long Exposure. What is it? It is a lot more simpler than you think. It is a technique where you keep the shutter of your camera open for a long period allowing for light and information onto the sensor. As a still image, given the right aperture, it can create a very sharp focus. What it is mostly used for it creating a soft blur involving clouds or water.

I have tried this technique before but hadn't actually dabbled into it properly. Over the last week I had been reading, watching and practicing the methods and settings in creating a long exposure image. Last weekend (9.6.19) I got there chance to put it all to the test at an Instameet at New Brighton Beach.

There wasn't much cloud around and very little on the horizon so there was potential we could get something glorious but you never know. It started very slowly. It could be gone in a blink and die off or kick on and become crazy! Pretty much exactly one year ago to the date, we had a instameet at the beach. Same spot. That was legendary! You can see the image below (this was not a long exposure).

Crazy Crazy Riser

I was hopeful I would witness something that might beat this...well it was close! The colours started to grow stronger and stronger yet, they were soft colours. Sounds odd but it was delightful! The atmosphere was made better meeting some new people off Instagram.

So after the odd trial and error test shots I managed to perfect the exposure, the aperture and ISO to create the silky smooth water and take in as much colour out the sky as possible - including the reflections! For the long exposure I had my exposure up at between 20-30 seconds as I had a 1000 density filter (these are black filters that blacken the screen allow a longer exposure to smooth water and clouds). ISO was around 800 as my exposure was set so highly but the lens still darkened the scene enough and aperture was up at around F/8-F/13 to allow more in focus.

Here is the resulting image...

The colours got better...

And better...

The cloud was just enough causing those candy pink tones.

Now I have pretty much nailed on my long exposure, I am biting at the bit wanting to try more of it...just hoping the weather stays off!!

Have you tried something new recently??

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