Do you 'Gram'?

Has anyone ever asked you that? Have you ever heard of that? Insta part is from INSTAnt camera and Gram is from teleGRAM. The guys put those two together to get what we know now as Instagram. Facebook now owned Instagram but runs separately to it. Started in 2010 and made a million users within 2 months of its launch. Very impressive!

It has an increasingly ever growing popularity. It is easy to use and fun. But there is a deeper more complex side. Just like Facebook, it uses something called an Algorithm. If you have ever wondered why you don't see certain peoples posts or why you keep seeing someones more than normal, then this is due to the algorithm. Facebook algorithm is a little easier. The more engagement you have with someone's post or image, the more you will see them higher in your news feed. Same for Instagram. You just have to 'Like' or comment to begin the process. There was a post going around awhile back which still passes by my feed once a week of how Facebook is stopping you from seeing someones posts and to comment so you can continue to see this persons updates. This was true but also a sneaky message. As soon as you commented, you begin to see more of their content. It wasn't Facebook hiding messages, it is just that you didn't interact with this person enough to be shown their stuff.

Sound complicated? Try it. Like or comment on someones posts at least two or three times and notice how their posts are higher up on your news feed.

Why use Instagram? It is a very visual platform of social media. Very easy. Take a picture and upload straight away. It gives you insights to places you want to visit and different perspectives of places. It opens up a whole new world of view landmarks or places like lakes, mountains or even restaurants! Instagram is pretty much the same as Facebook but with the added use of Hashtags. These promote an image further. These are basically keywords which people can search and then see your image. As easy as it is to use a popular hashtag like the word "Love", it isn't actually very good. Love is the most popular hashtag on Instagram. By the time you have posted it and hit refresh your post will have gone from the screen in the hashtag Love search. It is better use low end Hashtags with a mix of slightly high ones - talking high end of 1-10 million and low end of between 50k-1 million. The high end ones give you a few quick likes and the others should be more tuned to what your image is about. This will actually give your image real likes and comments instead of the robots that ruin Instagram.

Timing of your post is also a factor. For myself, I find evenings has more online activity so my posts gain more traction than during the day. There are a lot of factors that give effect to your posts whether they are on Facebook or Instagram.

My number one pet peeve with Instagram...people that follow you to only unfollow within minutes or the next day. These accounts leave enough time for you to follow their accounts. These are terrible accounts and also, ruin the experience. Facebook has a more true reflection of people actually like and follow your work.

Give these things a try even if you are not a business and see the results...

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