Clothing. Is it Important?

The answer to this question is YES. Clothing is very much important for a shoot whether it is individual or family. It is just as important as the location, time of day or even the lighting. THAT important! Though being said, I am not saying you need to go out buy new clothes just for a shoot, but we can work it out. Clothing makes you stand out as the subjects of the photo in your surroundings and also to flatter you. Make you look your best for the shoot.

If we didn't do anything about clothing, you may just blend in with your scene and focus is then lost on something other than you. It can also make your clothing stand out more than your faces do. I want the attention to be on your faces and clothing helps draw the eye to you.

Clothing follows a few simple rules but also is different for each location. Hopefully I will cover each briefly but will release more ideas into each locations at a further date. A couple of the top things I say is:

  1. Wear solid colours.

  2. Wear muted tones (grayed, dulled or desaturated colours).

  3. Choose similar tones for your tops and bottoms.

A few others things just to be aware of when choosing styles of clothing is things like skirts below the knee for ladies and shorts to just above the knee or below -- just not short shorts. Choose sleeved tops that are to the elbow (just incase there are any tanlines which we don't want to show in the images). For footwear, wear dark shoes/trainers (with dark socks too) unless at the beach, where barefoot is fine.

It is very easy to complicate things when choosing outfits.

If you are wondering colours to wear, choose two colours/hues and work off them. Think of your location along with the time of year. You want colours/hues that compliment the surroundings. Beach wear could be whites, tans or lights pinks. You could also go with some colour pop in there. Add a bold colour to stand out a little bit but not everyone to wear it. Example of hues working would be aquas, blues, navy and purple. Others could be yellows, oranges and reds. If you are really struggling with deciding what to wear, or what colours to wear. I would recommend giving a search on Pinterest for ideas. This platform is brilliant for ideas!

These are just a few simple help tips for what I would recommend when thinking about clothing and styles. I hope this helps everyone who is going through this process...

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