Search them or hate them?

I recently posted a couple of photos of planes taking off at Christchurch Airport during a stunning sunrise and it had me thinking. Do people love airports? Do people enjoy flying? I know it is quicker than driving and only a short flight time if travelling in New Zealand but is there a thrill in it?

For me, I hate flying! Yes I did traveled thousands of km's from one side of the earth to here to live but it isn't a journey that is taken many times! But, I do love Airports. I could sit in Christchurch Airport or any Airport for that fact all day watching people coming and going. People welcoming loved ones with tears of joy or leaving with tears of sadness. The questions of where have they come from? Where are they going? Why are they going? How long have they been gone for? - There is so many questions that won't be answered. Airports are full of information but everyone that travels through there is a mystery to each other.

I would love to sit and photograph so many people that look interesting or look like they have a great story to tell but also to capture the tears of happiness and sadness. That there is true, raw emotion everyone struggles to hide.

Sunrise Take Off

Virgin take off

I challenge you. Take an hour and sit at an Airport in a cafe and just watch people coming and going. It also makes any problems you have seem small due to the shear number of people travelling through!

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