"Family is the most important thing in the world"

- Princess Diana

As the quote above from Princess Diana states, family ARE the most important thing in the world. They give us such an insight into our past, teaching us where we came from and who we are today.

Family portraits are perfect for Grandparents who you may not see often. Parents to remember their children when they were young and behaving. Children who grow old and look back upon their childhood. For me, family portraits are always special around Christmas time. A time to remember family of present and past. A time when family photos get dug out and laughter fills rooms of homes as memories are re-lived. But why should you wait until Christmas for family portraits? It is one day in a whole year. Family should be enjoyed 365 days a year right?!

We can meet up at a local spot that is a family favourite to you all. This helps by creating a relaxed atmosphere for those beautiful family moments for an ever lasting memory. Don't worry about posing. Family shots are better natural but I can help with a little direction.


It isn't just family portraits that are important but the portraits of our children. 

Children grow so fast! A blink of an eye and they are out of nappies and off to Uni. I am currently witnessing this myself with my daughter.

Children are just wonderful to sit and watch. You can see their minds tick as they explore new things.

The sudden explosion of expressions that lights up their faces when a toy makes a noise or they find something really interesting. Children can also be shy when meeting someone new or doing something they are unsure of. A little game of 'peek a boo' never goes a stray. 

Children should be free to be children.

Let me help you create stunning heirloom images for all generations to love....

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